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Signal flow and system design software

The ConnectCAD add-on module manages connected systems for simple, painless connections.

With ConnectCAD, you can:

  • Create easy-to-read schematic drawings
  • Diagram rack layouts
  • Work in a hybrid 2D/3D environment
  • Check for errors
  • Create detailed reports
  • Easily make changes

ConnectCAD is built on Vectorworks Spotlight, allowing you to take advantage of the flexible and robust design and documentation capabilities that make Spotlight the industry standard. With an extensive manufacturer library and a customisable 2D/3D hybrid environment, rest assured you have everything you need to design with confidence.

Greater Collaboration

Use ConnectCAD to work seamlessly, not only with the rest of your team, but with event planners and other project stakeholders as well. Collaboration has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ConnectCAD come included with Vectorworks?

  • No. ConnectCAD is an add-on module for Vectorworks Spotlight or Designer licences.

Can I use ConnectCAD with AutoCAD?

  • ConnectCAD is an add-on module built on Vectorworks technology. It cannot be run alone with AutoCAD. However, because Vectorworks offers seamless DXF and DWG file import and export options, you can easily share files between Vectorworks with ConnectCAD and AutoCAD.

What are the system requirements for ConnectCAD?

  • ConnectCAD is available for computers running Mac or Windows operating systems. See Vectorworks system requirements for full details.

I have an old ConnectCAD licence. Can I upgrade it?

  • Yes. if you owned a ConnectCAD licence prior to Vectorworks' acquisition in August 2019, you can upgrade to version 2020.

Are there network licencing options available for ConnectCAD?

  • Yes. ConnectCAD network licencing is available with the launch of version 2020.


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ConnectCAD software is an add-on from Vectorworks, Inc which enables you to manage signal flow and connected systems.

Vectorworks Service Select is the optional annual maintenance, which includes the upgrade to 2021, additional content libraries and more.

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