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The integrated rendering engine within Vectorworks

Renderworks 2017

Renderworks is the integrated rendering engine for Vectorworks, that enables you to add realistic textures, light and shade, backgrounds and simple animation to your Vectorworks model. It includes a range of built in render styles, including photorealistic style and a range of artistic styles. It's a downsized version of Maxon's CINEMA 4D, built straight into the Vectorworks workspace.


Renderworks includes a range of lighting options, within the Light too, including directional, point and spot lights. They can accept lumens values, and Kelvin values for those wanting to control lights in an expert manner. For those who simply want light, you can enter colour and adjust the light brightness with percentages. You can light a scene from an HDRI (High dynamic range image). You can also create textures which emit soft, diffuse light into a scene. Light is bounced, to mimic the behaviour of light in real life, to create a variety of effects.

Renderworks Textures and CINEMA 4D Materials

Renderworks includes libraries of textures that mimic a range of materials and surfaces. Members of Vectorworks Service Select will benefit from addition libraries of textures, including a large range from Arroway®. You can make your own textures easily, using some of the built in patterns, or by loading images of real world materials. In Renderworks 2017, CINEMA 4D materials can be imported, providing a higher level of rendering finish.

Renderworks Styles

Renderworks includes a series of pre-built styles, combining quality requirements and lighitng effects. However, it's easy to create your own custom styles, and reuse them in any project, making it easy to develop a 'house style.'


Renderworks 2017 includes Cameramatch—the ability to align a Vectorworks model with a photographic image. It's a massive time-saver, as you can place the model in context with ease. It includes masking tools and shadow tools to ensure the model fits comfortably within the image.


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Renderworks is incorporated within every Vectorworks 2017 licence.

If you want to add Renderworks to an earlier release of Vectorworks, all you need to do is upgrade to Vectorworks 2017. Give us a call and we can provide an upgrade quote.