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Divided backs

It’s now possible to create divided backs in the new cabinet maker: This applies to all types of construction (dado, rabbet, standalone, flushed and groovecaptured). Ideal for cabinet-shelf combinations and the like.

In interiorcad and interior xs.

New tab for plinth legs

In interiorcad 2018 we included a new tab for plinth legs. Here, as requested, the position of the legs can be controlled more precisely and you can also select attachments and matching accessories.

In interiorcad and interior xs.

Additional information in 2D/3D view

Control the 2D and 3D presentation in your plans and get important information at a glance. The 2D plan can be extended to display the furniture name. In the 3D view the dimensions and opening directions of doors can be shown. Drawers can be displayed with a cross and dimensions.

In interiorcad and interior xs.

New edge technology for 3D custom parts

We’ve included brilliant new edge technology for 3D custom parts: in production-realistic planning, an arbitrary number of edge materials are now assigned to an n-sided custom part. It is possible to define which edge passes through or whether the joint is mitred, for each edge impact. The dimensions of the 3D component are calculated on the CNC according to your production strategy.

In interiorcad

CNC output details available directly within the drawing

As you requested, you can now display the details of your CNC output directly in the drawing. For example, you can see the finished dimensions, job and position number as well as the name and path of the CNC program on each 3D component.

In interiorcad


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